it pays to be rewarded

If there is one certainty in business, that’s you will always need leads and Konnections. Get paid for something that you are doing anyway!

Help Shape the Future of Effective Online Konnecting

  • With BeeKonnected’s 2 Tier Affiliate program you can be confident you are spending your time and inviting your prospects to a proven platform that delivers value.
  • The best part is you would be inviting people to the platform to join you, to take advantage of the features and benefits anyway – so you might as well get paid for doing something you would already be doing.
  • And inviting them is free – you simply share your link and we put our marketing funnels to work for you.

Partner with BeeKonnected

There are 4 ways to make money!

Inviting members is free. When you refer a member that upgrades to a paid program – you get paid.
Wif you are building a team – then you can also make money from the sales your direct affiliate makes. That’s a win-win.
Members on the platform can incur a monthly fee – the great news about that is you get 10- 20% of anyone you directly referred. That’s passive income for you!

This unique program that helps Chambers of Commerce, Non-Profits, Groups, Service Clubs and more earn non-dues revenue – while paying them a commission – benefits you with payment for every member they enrol. It’s Win-WIn-WIN!

You can earn as much or as little as you want — it all depends how much time or energy you want to incur inviting others to join the platform. (Did we mention members join for free 🙂


Your Personal BeeKonnected Website
Kwik Konnect Social Media Sharing System
Friend Konnect easily invites your email contacts!
Go Live in the Hive Earn Potential Money from members, residual, 2nd tier and your own group
Unlimited Access to the Konnection Generator
$2500 Travel Savings Passport Save 20-60% off hotels, car rentals, activities and stays
Team View Easily track new sign ups and your earnings.
Always BeeTraining as Leaders are Learners. BeeUniversity
Top Tier Webinar Platform Discount Offer
Unlimited Instant Messaging within your Konnection



It’s Time To Play Big!



$1,299 USD


Over $42,500 USD VALUE

  • Online Course Creation
  • Webinar Cash Creation
  • Video Mastery
  • Facebook Mastery and Ads
  • Shopify and ECommerce
  • Sales and Leadership
  • Set and Get Your Goals
  • ACT Automated Online Selling
  • Social Media
  • Authoring
  • BIG Brand Mastery
  • KickStart Marketing
  • Konnection Mastery and
  • Any new ones that arrive