Aliente, inspire y capacite a sus miembros con la plataforma de conexión, conocimiento y herramientas más innovadoras disponibles hoy en día.


El Programa de Asociados de BeeKonnected ofrece a sus miembros cualquier nivel de apoyo que deseen.

For some it may be quality konnections at the touch of a button. Others may want to take advantage of the online University and all the courses available. And for still others, the business tools and savings may fit the bill.

The bottom line is your organization gets the acknowledgement and revenue for creating this tremendous working relationship with BeeKonnected, while your members receive all the benefits because of you.

who is the associates program for?


New connections aid in spreading the reach of the association, adding additional members, and creating new sources of revenue.


Organizations An additional support vehicle to ensure that members engage within the group and expand the overall reach

service clubs

Raising additional funds for service projects while increasing member enrollment, participation and engagement provides benefit.


Organizations Donation shortfalls can be overcome through innovative fundraising ideas that also prosper the members and grow your base.


Chambers of Commerce a valuable tool to aid chambers in recruiting new members while developing new-dues revenue for ongoing programs.


Con la fatiga del donante demasiado frecuente. Las organizaciones sin fines de lucro pueden obtener los fondos necesarios para llevar a cabo sus misiones.

help your members grow their revenues and businesses

through quality connections! Gain access to the premier hub for small business owners, entrepreneurs, home-based business owners, and professionals to connect and collaborate.


you be the hero

Como organización, tus mayores activos son tus miembros. Como un BeeAssociate, se le proporcionará una Membresía Konnection Generator GRATIS. Al poder utilizar y tener acceso ilimitado al Konnection Generator, experimentarás de primera mano el valor de tu membresía.

Con su conocimiento del sistema y siendo capaz de ofrecer a sus miembros sus propias membresías de BeeKonnected con un descuento significativo, usted será el héroe al reclutar nuevos miembros para su organización. Además, sus miembros podrán hacer las conexiones que necesitan para aumentar sus ingresos y negocios.

Este programa es ideal para organizaciones basadas en miembros como Cámaras de Comercio, Asociaciones, Clubes de Servicio, grupos de redes y otras organizaciones sin fines de lucro.

as easy as 1-2-3 !

The BeeAssociates program makes it easy to promote your organization, create non-dues revenue, help your members grow their businesses, and become the solution to so many people’s problems!

easy application

Get with a BeeKonnected Affiliate to apply quickly. Simply click HERE to activate your account.

deliver value

Ofrecer a los miembros su propia membresía con un descuento significativo, además de beneficios adicionales.


Los ingresos no procedentes de las cuotas crean un flujo de efectivo constante a medida que los miembros hacen nuevas conexiones.

our members love us!

"After joining BK I made $1,000 right away! Plus, I dropped my online fees from $60/month! I took a FB Mastery Class and another class to put my material into an online course which got me kickstarted again! I was blown away by the caliber of the courses available as a BK member. Taking these courses on their own would have been $2-$5K each. I’m glad I joined and highly recommend BK. I can’t wait to use my travel vouchers and travel again."
Karen Millerwise
"I instantly expanded my network with BeeKonnected and the Konnection Generator. I now network intentionally by focusing on my ideal client and those I want to collaborate with, saving me time and energy. I have had a business idea that I did not know how to execute on. Thanks to the coaching programs I receive as a member and the collaboration within the community, that dream business is now becoming a reality! I am grateful for BeeKonnected. Its more than networking, it’s a way of doing business."
Alana Kelner
"I joined BeeKonnected because the idea of using the same principles as dating apps intrigued me – if it works for so many to find love why not business? The Konnection Generator has NOT disappointed – it has literally BLOWN MY MIND!! I have quite a few konnections that are beyond people I could have ever found on my own. The relationships I’m building, the konnections we’re creating together, the networking we’re doing and the potential we’re creating together is MASSIVE!"
Susan Dascenzi
"I get in front of 20-30 coaches, speakers, and other experts every week at my virtual training courses because of BeeKonnected! This would not have been possible without the power of this incredible platform. BeeKonnected has allowed me to provide guidance on our clients most pressing branding questions. Being able to address their needs and help them thrive in this new environment enables me to make a difference every day! Let’s konnect here soon at Bee Konnected."
Gerry Foster


Let us give you the rewards you deserve for all the hard work you do, while we go that extra mile for your members, because in today's market, it's the right thing to do.